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Full text of "Charter, by-laws, rules of order, and list of officers and members of R.E. Lee Camp, No. 1, Confederate Veterans. Adopted August, 1890. Amended and readopted January, 1900."

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BY-LAWS,..* > c* 



No, J, 


Adopted August, 1890. 
Amended and Readopted January, J900. 



BY-LAWS,^ j* j» 




No. I, 




Adopted August, JS90. 
Amended and Readopted January, J 900. 

The Baughman Stationery Company. 



The following is the act of incorporation of the Lee 

Whereas, an association of Confederate Veterans has 
been organized in the city of Richmond, nnder the title 
of R. E. Lee Camp, No. 1, Confederate Veterans, the 
object of which is declared in the by-laws of the associa- 
tion to be to perpetuate the memory of our fallen com- 
rades, and to minister, as far as practicable, to the 
wants of those who were permanently disabled in the 
service; to preserve and maintain that sentiment of 
fraternity born of the hardships and dangers shared in 
the march, the bivouac, and the battle field ; it is pro- 
posed not to prolong the animosities engendered by the 
war. but to extend to our late adversaries on every 
fitting occasion courtesies which are always proper 
between soldiers, and which, in our case, a common 
citizenship demands at our hands. We propose to avoid 
everything which partakes of partisanship in religion 

£id "politics, but at the same time we will lend our aid 
the maintenance of law and the preservation of 
der; and whereas the said association have asked at 
ic hands of the General Assembly of Virginia a charter 
of incorporation: therefore, 

1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia, 

That the officers and members of R. E. Lee Camp, 

No. 1, Confederate Veterans, be and they are hereby 

g -ated a body politic and corporate by that name. 

* 2. That the said corporation may have a corporate 

<-al, may sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, 
Jay pass by-laws not inconsistent with law. 


£taJU (I 

3. Said association may acquire title to and hold la/% 
for the purpose of founding a "Home'' for inval^a 
infirm Confederate soldiers, or for the education anfi 
maintenance of the children of invalid and infirm or 
deceased Confederate soldiers: provided that the said 
association shall not hold at any time more than five 
hundred acres of land. 

4. Said association shall have the right to receive 
donations from States, societies, corporations, and 
individuals, and may from said associations, or from 
other associations or from the citizens generally, select a 
Board of Visitors, who shall control such institution or 
institutions when formed : provided, that in the event of 
aid being given by the State, that the Board of Public 
Works and the Judge of the Circuit Court of the city of 
Richmond shall be visitors on the part of the State. 

5. Said association may confer upon similar organiza- 
tions the right to operate under this charter. 

6. This act shall be in force from its passage. 

Note.— Under section 5 of above charter the power is 
conferred upon this Camp to issue charters to other 
similar organizations, and have printed charters for this 
purpose, which can be obtained upon application. To the 
application there shall be signed the names of at least 
fifteen Confederate veterans, giving their command and 
time of service in Confederate States Army or Navy. It 
must also be accompanied by the sum of $2.50 and the 
name proposed to be given to the Camp, which should 
always be that of some deceased Confederate soldici 

fit* I* 





Calling roll of officers. 

Reading Minutes of last meeting. 

Communications, bills, &c. 

Reports of Committees on candidates. 

Balloting for candidates. 

Initiation of candidates. 
ps Petitions for membership. 

Are any of the members sick or in distress ? 

Report of Employment Committee. 

Reports of Standing Committees. 

Reports of Special Committees. 

Calling list of members twelve months in arrears, last 
meeting night in each year. 

Collecting dues and other moneys. 
g Unfinished business. 

Mew business. 
9...- Receipts of the evening. 

Good of the Camp. 





This Association shall be known as R. E. Lee Gamp, 
No, 1, Confederate Veterans. 



The object shall be to perpetuate the memories of our 
fallen comrades, and to minister, as far as practicable, 
to the wants of those who were permanently disabled 
in the service, to preserve and maintain that sentiment 
of fraternity born of the hardships and dangers shared 
in the march, the bivouac and the battle-field. It is 
proposed not to prolong the animosities engendered by 
the war, but to extend to our late adversaries, on every 
fitting occasion, courtesies which are always proper 
between soldiers, and which in our case a common citi- 
zenship demands at our hands. We propose to avoid 
| erything which partakes of partisanship in religion 

id politics, but at the same time we will lend our aid 
^o the maintenance of law and the preservation of 



i Section 1. The officers of this Camp shall consist of 

a Commander, a First, a Second, and a Third Lieutenant- 

( Commander, an Adjutant, a Quartermaster, a Surgeon, 

a Chaplain, an Officer of the Day, a Treasurer,," 
Sergeant-Major, a Yidette, a Color Sergeant and t\i 
Color Guards, who shall hold their respective offices fA. 
a term of one year, or until their successors are elected. 
Each officer of the Camp above mentioned shall wear 
on the collar of his coat words, abbreviations or initial 
letters designating his office. 

Sec. 2. There shall also be elected by the Camp an 
Executive Committee, to consist of three members, to 
serve for a term of three years or until their successors 
shall be elected ; provided, however, that the members 
of the Executive Committee, who have been elected 
under the law now in force, shall serve until the expira- 
tion of their respective terms, and that at the next 
annual election, and at each annual election thereafter, 
one member of the Executive Committee shall be 
elected to serve for three years. 



Section 1. The election of officers shall take place on 
the last regular meeting-night but one of December of 
each year, and nominations shall be made one week in 
advance and on the night of election. In all cases of 
vacancies in office, for any cause, the nominations to fill 
such vacancies shall be made one week previous to and 
on night of election. 

Sec. 2. All members of the Camp in good standi™ 
shall be eligible to any office therein. 1 | 

Sec. 3. All elections shall be by ballot, unless dispensecr 
with by unanimous consent, when they maybe by a viva 
voce vote. 

Sec. 4. In case of a ballot, the majority of all the votes 

cast shall be necessary to a choice. If there is no elec- 

ion on the first ballot, the name receiving the lowe£ 

umber of votes shall be dropped, and so on in succes- 

ve ballot until an election is made. ( ) 



Section 1. The regular meeting of this Camp shall be 
on every Friday night. 

Sec. 2. The hour of meeting shall be 8 o'clock. 

Sec. 3. Nine members in good standing shall consti- 
tute a quorum for the transaction of business. 



Section 1 The Commander shall preside at all meet- 
ings, preserve strict order and decorum, and enforce a 
due observance of the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules 
of Order; appoint all committees not otherwise pro- 
vided for; give the casting vote in case of a tie; inspect 
and announce the result of all ballots, or other votes. 
He shall approve all orders drawn on the Treasurer for 
the payment of money. He shall examine the books of 
the Camp whenever he desires, and shall appoint a com- 
mittee of three on the last meeting-night in March, June, 
September, and December to do so. He shall be ex- 
officio member of all committees. He shall have power 
to call special meetings of the Camp ; or. when required 
by seven members in writing, he shall convene the 


v9ec. 2. The Lieutenant-Commanders shall assist the 

I 'ommander in the performance of his duties, and in his 

ijsence shall take his place in the order of their rank. 

•H-f neither of them are present the Camp shall elect a 

Commander pro tern. 

Sec. 3. The Adjutant shall keep a record of the pro- 
ceedings of the Camp, draw all orders on the Treasurer, 
perform such other duties as may be enjoined upon him 
# Vy the Camp, and finally deliver up all books and 
V^apers belonging to his office to his successor, with the 
necessary instruction or information to enable him to 
€ xeep the continuation of records of the Camp. 

I b> 


Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to t; 
charge of all moneys belonging to the Camp; to pay 
orders drawn upon him by the Adjutant, approved 
the Commander; to keep a fair and regular account, in 
a book provided for that purpose, of receipts and 
expenditures. He shall deposit all moneys collected in 
some bank designated by the Camp, subject to his 
check, countersigned by the Commander. He shall, 
before entering upon the discharge of his duties, give a 
bond for $300, with surety, to be accepted by the Camp, 
said bond to be increased from time to time as the 
Camp may determine. 

Sec, 5. The Vidette Guard shall take charge of the 
door during the session of the Camp, and admit no one 
without countersign or order of Commander or Lieu- 

Sec. 6. The Officer of the Day shall preserve order dur- 
ing the meetings, see that the members behave in an 
orderly, decorous manner, conduct all ballots, and ren- 
der such other service as the Commander may require 
of him, 

Sec. 7, The Quartermaster shall have charge of the 
property of the Camp (except Soldiers' Home property), 
shall keep an account of the same, and at the end of each 
year make a report of the quantity on hand and con- 
dition. Fie shall perform such other duties pertaining to 
the office as the Commander of the Camp may require 
of him. 

Sec. 8. The Sergeant-Major shall keep the accoun, 
between the Camp and its members, notify all mcmbe 
who are twelve months in arrears, and report to t 
Camp the last meeting-night in each year those twelve 
months in arrears. He shall receive all moneys due the 
Camp, pay the same over to the Treasurer, taking his 
receipt therefor, and such other duty as may be required 
of him. * 

Sec. 9. The Surgeon and Assistant-Surgeon shall per- 
form such duties as may appertain to their office, whe»v, 
required by the Commander. *-' 

. i 

I i 


Sec. 10- The Chaplain shall perform such duties as 

roperly appertain to that office. 
iSec. 11. The Color-Sergeant shall perform such duties 
as properly appertain to that office. 

Sec. 12. The Janitor shall be elected annually by the 
Executive Committee, and shall open and close the hall, 
keep the room and furniture in good order, and perform 
such other duties as the Commander, may order. 

* Sec. 13. The Executive Committee shall elect a Janitor 
/to serve for one year, and shall annually report such 
/ election to the Camp, have the leasing of the hall, and 

all communications in regard to it shall be referred to ^ 
TThd they shall make purchases of all supplies, 
otherwise ordered, for the Camp, other than 
^uartermaster stores, and no bill against the Camp 
hall be paid without first b ein g referred to thern^ 



Section. 1. Any person of good character, who was 
regularly enlisted and served honorably in the Confed- 
erate States Army or Navy, may be admitted to mem- 
bership in this Camp. 

Sec. 2. Any person of good character who is not 
eligible to active membership as a veteran, or any vet- 
eran who prefers to do so, may become a contributing 
member of the Camp upon the payment of not less than 

5 per year, his connection with the Camp to continue 

^r one year from the time such payment has been made, 
-out shall not cast any vote. Election in all cases to be 
by ballot. 



* Section 1. The membership fee shall be $1, which shall 
*~ accompany the application. 


Sec. 2. The monthly dues of this Camp shall be twenty- 
five cents. I 

Sec. 3. Any comrade who shall misbehave in the Cam jl 
or disobey the Commander, shall be fined fifty cents, 
and if he still persists in disturbing the harmony of the 
Camp he shall be ordered to leave the Camp. 

Sec. 4 Any officer of the Camp absenting himself five 
consecutive meetings, the office shall be declared vacant, 
and on the following meeting the vacancy shall be filled ; 
but this shall not apply to any officer whose non-attend- 
ance is caused by sickness or absence from the city. 



Any member who shall be guilty of conduct unbecom-" 
ing a gentleman shall, upon satisfactory proof thereof, 
be reprimanded, suspended, or expelled, as the Camp 
sitting as a court-martial shall direct. 



Section 1. When a comrade shall be charged as in 
Article IX, specifications of the nature of the offence 
shall be made in writing and read to the Camp, which 
charges shall be referred to a committee of five, whose 
duty it shall be to fairly and impartially investigate tl 
same, record the evidence, and report thereon as ear 
as practicable— the said report to be recorded on tl 
Minutes, and to be acted upon at the next regular meet> 
ing, or as soon thereafter as the circumstances will 
permit: Provided, such trial shall not take place less 
than six days from proper notification; and provided 
further, that any comrade being under charges shall not 
have the right to speak or vote upon any question befof 
the Camp, or appear on parade with the Camp, pending 
the investigation of said charges; but said comracWV 



diversity of Te 


of Tex* 


hall have the right to give testimony and plead in his 
wn behalf. 

Sec. 2. Any member who shall prefer a false and mali- 
cious charge against a comrade shall suffer such penalty 
as the Camp may impose. 



Section 1. Every application for admission to mem- 
bership shall be made in writing, and shall give in detail, 
upon the blanks furnished by the Camp, the applicant's 
age, birthplace, residence, occupation, date of enlist- 
ment, and the command to which he was attached, and 
be endorsed by a member of the Camp; it shall then be 
referred to a committee of three— of which number the 
member recommending shall not be one— for investiga- 
tion, who shall report thereon at the next regular meet- 
ing, when the candidate shall be balloted for with ball 
ballots. If not more than two black balls appear the 
candidate shall be declared elected. 

Sec, 2. When an application has been rejected, it shall 
not be again considered for six months thereafter. 



Section 1. Any member in good standing wishing a 

; raveling Card can obtain the same upon application 

:o the Commander in open Camp, and paying his dues 

up to the time for which it is granted, for which he 

shall pay 25 cents. 

Sec. 2. Any comrade wishing a Withdrawal Card 
shall make application in open Camp, and if clear of the 

(>ooks, and there be no objection made, the same shall 
oe granted, for which he shall pay 50 cents. 
I Sec. 3. Any comrade mav resign from the Camp by 



presenting his resignation in writing, provided he is no* 
indebted to the Camp. \ 



Comrades, upon entering or leaving the Camp, shall 
advance to the centre of the hall and salute the Com- 
mander in a military manner. 



Section 1. The uniform of this Camp shall be a white 
felt hat, with letters C. V. attached, single-breasted sack 
coat of gray cloth, with Virginia staff gilt buttons, staff 
blue pants, with small gold cord down the outer seam, 
and from October 1 to April 1 a white vest and white 
tie, and from April 1 to October 1 a gray vest and black 
tie may be worn. But it shall not be obligatory upon 
any member to provide himself with a uniform. The 
uniforms for officers and privates shall be alike except 
the insignia of rank. 

Sec. 2. The metal Badge shall not be sold or given to 
any one not a member of the Camp, nor shall any other 
than a member be entitled to wear it, except by a vote 
of two-thirds of the members present. 



Section 1« The Commander, on night of installation, 
shall appoint a Chairman and Relief Committee of one 
from each ward of the city, whose duty it shall be to 
visit the sick and report to the Camp the nature of tlf 
case, when the Camp may appropriate such sums as the 
committee may recommend, not exceeding $10 in eacli 


f -«se, as the Camp may decide. All cases of distress 
/ mat be referred to Sick Committee. » 

Sec. 2. On the death of a comrade in good standing, a I 
f detail of eight members shall be made to attend his w 

Sec. 3. On the death of a comrade, when requested, 
the Commander will notify the Adjutant, who shall 
detail two members of the Camp to sit up with the 
deceased comrade. 


Section 1. The Commander shall appoint, on the 
night of his installation, the following Standing Com- 
mittees composed of such number of comrades as he 
may determine, but the Camp may from time to time 
increase the membership of said Committees: 
Portrait Gallery Committee. 
Library Committee. 
Auditing Committee. 
Sons of Veterans' Committee. 
Employment Committee. 
Committee on Delinquent Members. 
Sec. 2. Portrait Gallery Committee shall be empow- 
ered to collect the portraits oi such Confederate soldiers, 
sailors and other persons distinguished in Confederate 
service as they may deem proper to accept; to report the 
^same to the Camp in such manner as they may deter- 
J line; to arrange for and have the control of all public 
J resentation of portraits, and to report semi-annually all 
^portraits received, which shall be recorded by the 
Adjutant in a book specially kept for that purpose. 

Sec. 3. Library Committee shall have charge of all 

books, pamphlets, &c, belonging to the Library and keep 

a catalogue of the same. They shall formulate all rules 

£ nd regulations for the government of the Library, and 

"when approved by the Camp shall enforce the same. 

| Sec. 4. Sons of Veterans' Committee .'■hall visit the 



Camp of Sons connected with Camp, and may reconr 
mend to the Sons any measures that they may deem \ 
interest or benefit to that organization, * 

Sec. 5. Auditing Committee shall examine the books 
of the Camp quarterly and report the result of that 
examination to the Camp in writing. 

Sec\ 6. Employment Committee shall be charged with 
the duty of endeavoring to obtain employment for such 
comrades as may be in need thereof, and shall report 
semi-annually to the Camp. 

Sec. 7. Committee on Delinquent Members shall 
receive every three months a written report from the 
Sergeant -Major containing a list of all members who 
are over twelve months in arrears to the Camp. The 
Committee shall instruct the Sergeant-Major to notify 
the comrade that he is in arrears, who shall report to 
said Committee any statement he may make. Should 
the delinquent comrade be unable to pay the amount 
due, the Sergeant-Major shall obtain from him a state- 
ment of what amount, if any, he can pay, and the 
Sergeant-Major shall so notify the Committee, who 
shall, in their discretion, direct the Sergeant-Major to 
receive the amount he will pay and restore said delin- 
quent member to good standing in the Camp, cancelling 
the balance of amount due by remission ; but should the 
comrade be unable to pay any of his indebtedness to 
the Camp, then said Committee may direct the Sergeant- 
Major to cancel the entire amount charged to the 
comrade and place him in good standing. 


Section I. When a member becomes twelve months in 
arrears he shall be notified of the fact by the Sergeant- 
Major. When he becomes fifteen months in arrears he 
shall be again notified and informed that' his name wi 
be given to the Committee on Delinquent Members, 
whom he can apply for the remission of all or any part, 
of his dues, which Committee, for good and sufficient 

reasons, can remit a part or all of the dues of said 
elinquent member and cause him to be restored to good 
standing, but if after the expiration of three months 
from the time his name is given to said Committee, he 
shall not have applied for the remission of his dues nor 
made any payment of same, the Sergeant-Major shall 
notify him that unless he make some settlement of his 
dues, his name will be reported to the Camp on the last 
meeting of the current year for such action as they may 
deem advisable. 

Sec. 2. The Camp may cause the name of an}' such 
delinquent member to be erased from the rolls and the 
fact recorded on the roster. 


/ All money paid from the treasury of the Camp shall 
/ require a two-third vote to make the appropriation, 
and all propositions for appropriation of money in any 
sum exceeding One Hundred Dollars shall not be voted 
on at the same meeting when first offered but shall lay 
over one week before being acted on. 


No money shall be appropriated out of the treasury 
of this Camp to any one not a member of the Camp, 
and no collection shall be taken up during the session of 
the Camp for any purpose. 



These articles, or any part thereof shall not be altered, 
amended, or annulled, unless a written notice of the 
same be read at a regular meeting, after which it shall 
le over until the next regular meeting, when, if two- 
thirds of the members present vote in favor of it, it shall 
be adopted. 

1. It shall be the duty of the Commander to preserve 
order and conduct all business before the Camp to a 
speedy and proper result. 

2 He shall state every question properly presented to 
the Camp, and before putting it to vote shall ask "Is 
the Camp ready for the question ? " Should no member 
offer to speak, he shall rise to put it, and after he has 
risen no member shall be permitted to speak upon it. *— ' 

3. The Commander shall have the casting vote in case 
of a tie, but ordinarily shall not vote ; he shall announce 
all votes and decisions. 

4. The Commander may speak to points of order in 
preference to other members of the Camp, rising from 
his seat for that purpose, and shall decide questions of 
order, subject to an appeal to the Camp by any two 

5. If any comrade shall feel himself personally 
aggrieved by any decision of the Chair, he may appeij 
from said decision. 

6. When an appeal is made from the decision of th 
Commander, the First Lieutenant-Commander shall put 
the question thus: ' Shall the decision ol the Chair be 
sustained ? " 

7. A motion must be seconded, and afterwards 
repealed from the Chair or read aloud, before debate* 
A motion shall be reduced to writing if any comrade 
require it. 


ly > 

8. All resolutions shall be submitted in writing. 
j 9. When a member speaks, or offers a motion, he shall 
rise in his place and respectfully address the Commander, 
confining himself to the question under consideration, 
and avoiding personality or unbecoming language. 

10. When a member is called to order, he shall take 
his seat until the point of order is determined. 

11. When two or more members rise to speak at the 
same time, the presiding officer shall decide who is 
entitled to the floor. 

12. No comrade shall speak more than twice, nor 
longer than ten minutes each time on any question 
without leave of the Camp, which leave shall be granted 
or refused without debate. 

13. While a comrade is speaking, no one shall inter- 
rupt him except for the purpose of calling him to order 
or asking of the Chair leave to explain. A comrade 
allowed to explain shall only have the right to explain 
an actual misunderstanding of language, and shall be 
strictly prohibited from going into debate on the merits 
of the case. 

14. For any comrade in speaking to impeach the 
motives of a comrade, or treat him with personal dis- 
respect, or pass between him and the Chair while he is 
speaking, shall be deemed a violation of order, which 
may incur the censure of the presiding officer of the 

15. Any conversation, by whispering or otherwise, 
nich is calculated to disturb a comrade while speaking, 

>r hinder the transaction of business, shall be deemed a 
violation of order, and if persisted in shall incur censure. 

16. It shall be the duty of the Chair and the privilege 
of any member of the Camp to call a member of the 
Camp to order who violates a standing rule of order. 

(f 17. Any comrade having made a motion ma}' with- 
draw it, with leave of his second, before it is debated, 
i[ >ut not afterwards without leave of the Camp. 


18. When the decision of any question is doubtetf 
the Commander shall count, or direct the Officer of tr\ 
Day to count, the votes in the affirmative and negativt 
and announce the same. 

19. When a question is before the Camp, the only mo- 
tions in order shall be: 1st, 1o adjourn; 2d, to lay on 
the table; 3d, the previous question; 4th, to postpone 
to a definite period ; 5th. to refer; 6th, to divide, it the 
sense will admit of it; 7th. to amend— to take prece- 
dence as herein arranged, and the first three to be decided 
without debate ; 8th, to postpone indefinitely. 

20. When the previous question is moved and sec- 
onded, it shall be put in this form; "Shall the main 
question now be put?" If this question is earned, all 
further motions, amendments and debate shall be ex- 
cluded, and the question put without delay ; if the ques- 
tion has been amended, the question shall first be taken 
on the amendment; if more than one amendment has 
been made, the last amendment in order shall take pre- 
cedence in the vote. 

21. A motion to amend an amendment shall be in 
order, but to amend an amendment to an amendment 
shall not be in order. 

22. When a blank is to be filled by the name of per- 
sons, the vote shall be taken Upon the names in the order 
of their nomination ; but when a blank is to be filled by 
any sum of money, or time proposed, the question shall 
first be put on the largest sum and the most remoj 

23. When a motion has been indefinitely postponed 
shall not be reconsidered. 

24. A question may be reconsidered at the same or 
next meeting; but a motion being made to reconsider, 
and decided in the negative, shall not be renewed at the 
same meeting. * 

25. A motion to reconsider must be made and sef 
onded by members who voted in the majority. No 
tion shall be reconsidered more than once. To reco 


der any resolution, &c., the decision of which has offi- 
^ally passed out of the Camp, shall not be in order. 

26. The yeas and nays upon any question before the 
Camp may be called for by any two members, and upon 
the assent of one-third of the members present shall so 
be taken. 

27. In voting by yeas and nays all present must vote 
who are in regular standing, unless excused 03' the Camp. 
A motion to excuse shall be decided without debate. 

28. The reading of any paper called for, relating to 
the subject under debate, shall always be in order. 

29. All reports of committees, except reports on prop- 
ositions tor membership, shall be made in writing and 
signed by a majority thereof. 

30. When a majority report is followed by a report 
from the minority ot a committee, the former, after 
being read, shall lie upon the table until the latter is 
presented, after which, on motion, either may be con- 

31. The comrade first named in the appointment of 
a committee shall be chairman of the same. 

'32- No standing Rule of Order of this Camp shall be 
rescinded or changed without the assent of three-fourths 
of the members present; but a standing Rule of Order 
may be suspended for any particular occasion, upon the 
assent of a majority of the members present, except in 
~ases of applications for membership, which shall in all 

/ses lie over for one week, as provided in Article XI, 

tection 1. 





The funds raised, and all that may be hereafter raised 
for this purpose, are hereby set apart and appropriated 
to the " Home" in or near the City of Richmond, Va., 
for indigent and infirm ex-Confederate soldiers and 


Ex-Confederate soldiers and sailors who served hon- 
orably during the war and have borne a good character 
since, shall be entitled to admission to said "Home," 
and support and maintenance while there, free of charge, 
if they are indigent and infirm. 


Applications for admission to the Home must be made 
to the Board of Visitors, and by them granted or rfo 
jected; but no application shall be considered unk?f 
accompanied by a certificate from some Judge of tl* 
State from which the application comes, or of the clerk oF 
the Judge's court, that the applicant comes within the 
provisions ot Article II. 


All applicants admitted to the Home shall furnish thv 
name and number of their company and regiment with 
their term of service, and shall, upon their admission 

f'gn an obligation to abide by and obey all rules made 
jr its government and the order of all officers in au- 
thority over the Home, upon pain of dismissal for any 
violation of such rules or disobedience of such officers : 
Provided, That the Executive Committee, hereinafter 
provided for, shall hear all of the evidence and deter- 
mine whether there has been any such offence, with the 
discretion to inflict a less punishment than dismissal if 
in their judgment proper under all of the circumstances 
in the case. 


Once a year the Commander of the Camp shall appoint 
an Inspector, who shall inspect and report the condition 
of the Home, its management, and any other matter 
relating thereto which he may deem proper. It shall be 
the duty of the Board of Visitors to make a report to 
the Camp, annually, of all property of the Home and its 
value, the number of inmates, and the receipts and dis- 


There shall be a Board of Visitors, twenty-six in num- 
ber, in addition to the Visitors on the part of the State, 
of which Board the Commander of the Camp shall be 
one, ex officio. The Board is directed to so arrange the 
names of the members elected by the Camp that here- 
after four of them shall be dropped in July of each year 
Ji turn, when their places will be filled by the Camp. 
Then members are elected to fill accidental vacancies 
they will hold the position for the length of the term of 
the members whose vacancies they fill. Nothing herein 
shall be so construed as to render any Visitor ineligible 
for re-election. At least sixteen ot the Board shall be 
members of the Camp; and any member who allows 
-himself to be dropped from the roll of the Camp shall 
%+ lereby cease to be a member of the Board of Visitors. 

Pive members shall constitute a quorum for business. 
H The Board shall meet at least once a month, and oftener 


if they deem it proper. They shall serve without pa* 
They shall have power to mate such rules and regulaV. 
tions in relation to the government and maintenance of 
the Home and as to the qualification of its members and 
officers as thev think proper, so that the same may not 
come in conflictwith the Charter and By-Laws of this 

They shall have power to erect necessary buildings 
and furnish and equip them. They shall have charge 
of all property and money belonging to the Home fund ; 
but the title to the property purchased shall be in the 
Camp. „ 



. The officers of the Board of Visitors shall be a Presi- 
dent. First and Second Vice-Presidents, Secretary and 
Treasurer, to be filled as to Secretary and Treasurer by 
the same person if the Board think proper. 


All of said officers shall be elected by the Board, and 
shall serve for four years, or until their successors shall 
be elected and qualified. The Board may vacate any of 
said offices at will and refill them. 



The Treasurer shall execute such bond as the Boar 
shall prescribe in a penalty not less than $10,000 con- 
ditioned for the faithful performance of his duties. He 
shall keep all money in some bank named by the Board, 
not to be drawn out except by his check, payable to the 
order of the person to whom the money is to be paid 
and upon the order of the Chairman or Acting Chair- 
man of the Finance Committee, endorsed upon a voucheajj 
certified by Superintendent or Acting Superintendent or* 



the Home, and approved by the Chairman or Acting 
Chairman of the Committee under whose direction the 
expenditure was made. 


The Board of Visitors may select from their number 
an executive committee of three, to whom such duties 
may be committed as the Board may prescribe. The 
said Board may elect a Commandant orSupenntendent, 
and such other officers as they deem necessary, and fix 
their compensation. 



In case of a vacancy occurring from any cause it shall 
tk filled by the Camp, for which purpose notice shall be 
given to the Camp when said vacancy occurs. 



Any Visitor who may prove inefficient or be guilty of 
misconduct may, by vote of a majority of the Board, 
have his place declared vacant, and a report of the same 
shall be made to the Camp ; or, if the Board prefer, they 
may report the matter to the Camp for investigation. 


Any Visitor shall have power to enter temporarily, in 
l case of urgent necessity, an inmate in the Home pending an 
investigation of his qualification; but the same must be 
brought before the Board at its first meeting. And if 
between the time of his admission and the first meeting 
of the Board it shall be evident that he is not worthy, 

(the Visitor who entered him into the Home shall have 
power to dismiss. 

David C. Richardson, Commander. 

Jos. C. Dickerson, 1st Lieutenant-Commander 

Geryas Storrs, 2d Lieutenant-Commander. 

James Power Smith, 3d Lieutenant-Commander. 

J. Taylor Stratton, Adjutant. 

D. A. Brown, Jr., Quartermaster. 

J. H. Kracke. Officer of Day. 

Rev. Dr. Landon R. Mason, Chaplain. 

Jas. T. Ferriter, Treasurer. 

B. M. Parham, Sergeant-Major. 

R. B. Stover, M. D<, Surgeon. 

L. L. Lacy, Color-Sergeant. 

Dr. G. Smith, Color-Guard. 

Jno. E. Owens, Color-Guard. 

Fred. B. Elliott, Vidette. 

{ f 


Wm. A. Mountcastle, D. Hardy Pylb, 

Chas. T. Turner. 


Jas. H. Edmonds, 




Allen, M. A., Co. — , 4th N. C. cavalry. 
Ammuel, Chas. S., Lt. 1st Md. infantry. 
Anderson, Archer, Col. Adj. Gen'l Dept. 
Alfriend, Thos. L., Parker's Battery. 
Archer, Alex. W. Co, B. 12th Va. infantry. 
Anderson, Chas. J., V. M. I, cadet. 
Addison, John, 17th Va. infantry. 
Archer. E. R., Lt. 8th Va. Batt. infantry. 
Angle, B. M., 1st Va. battalion. 
Allen, W. R., Lt. Crenshaw Battery. 
Anthony, W. H., Co. A. 19th Ga. infantry. 
Allison, Wm. H., Capt. 25th Va. battalion. 
Armistead, W. T., Engineer Corps. 

Baker, T. Roberts, Richmond Howitzers. 

Buford, A S. ( 18th Va. infantry. 

Bolton, CM., 1st. RegL Engineers. 

BlDGOOD, J. V., Adj. 32nd Va. infantry. 

Briggs, Robert F., Otey Battery. 

Baughman, E. A., Hampden artillery. 

Baughman, G. H., Hampden artillery. 

Baughman, C. C, Otey Battery. 

Klackbdrn, A. J., Co. C, 13th Va. infantry. 

Bowles, T. J,, Co. D, 44th Va. infantrv. 
i Bass, W. U., Co. D, 1st Va. infantry. 

Booker, Thos., Howitzers and Mosby's cavalry. 

Bigger, Chas. P., Capt. Co. A, 46th Va. infantry (Blues.) 

Binford. Julien, Otey Battery. 

Brown, David A., Jr., Parker Battery. 

Bossieux, Louis P., Co. I, 6th Va. infantry, 
i Bryan, Jos., Mosby's cavalry. 

Bossieux, Virginius, Lt. 2d Va. artillery. 

Bowery, F. A., Co. D, 3d Va. cavalry. 


Byrns, Thos., Purcell Battery. 
Booker, Jno. A., Co. D, 21st Va. infantry. 
Burruss, Jno. G., Co. B, 9th Va. cavalry. 
Barnes, Edwin F., 3d Howitzers. 
Boudar, H. B., 1st Howitzers. 
Bridges, W, M., Capt. C. S. Army. 
Brown, W. O., Co. I, 5th Va. cavalry. 
Butler, R. E., Otey Battery. 
Batkins, B. M., Co. H, 15th Va. infantry. 
Brock, C. W. P., Sur. 46th Va. infantry. 
Bosher, E.Jeter, 2d Co. Richmond Howitzers. 
Bosher, Robt. S.. 2d Co. Richmond Howitzers. 
Briggs, Andrew, Co. H, 13th Va. cavalry. 
Barber, E. A., Co. 1, 53d Va. infantry. 
Bolling, Jno., Sgt. -Major 3d Va. cavalry. 
Bowers, W. S„ Co. E, 30th Va. infantry. 
Boehmer, Henry, Co. I. 4th Va. cavalry. 
Brock, Ro. A., Co. F, 21st Va. infantry. 
Branch, Jno. P., 44th Va. battalion cavalry. 
Byrd, Wm. Wallace, Lt Co. D, 13th Va. infantry. 
Brittle. Chas. B., Co. A, 41st Va. infantry. 
Brower. J. J. H., Co. H, 15th Va. infantry. 
Brock, Ro. S., Sr. t Co. C, 13th Va. infantry. 
Bossieux, Edmond, Lt. Co. I, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Courtney, T. L., Capt. artillery. 
Crump, E. M., 3d Howitzers. 
Cole, W. A, 0., Norfolk artillery. 
Crump, R. H., 22d Va. battalion infantry. 
Capers, Jas. H., Capt. Co. K. 12th Miss. 
Cunningham, F. W., Engineer department. 
Craig, Jas. D., Co. 1, 6th Va. infantry. 
Courtney, A. R., Major artillery. 
Carter, Henry L., Courtney's Battery. 
Cates, D, S.. Letcher Battery. 
Campbell, T. P., Co. D, 4th Va. infantry. 
Cutshaw, W. E., Lt. Col. artillery. 
Christian, R. L., 2d Howitzers. 
Christian, Geo, L., Sergeant 2d Howitzers. 



-LiNELY, Chas., Fayette artillery. 

Curtis, Jno. A., Master C. S. navy. 
Chalmers, Jno. F., Cape. Co. A. 19th Va. Batt. heavy 

Claggett. Maurice, 1st Va. infantry. 
Cheatham, A. G.. Manchester artillery. 
Carter, B. F. W., Woolfolk's Battery I 
Cullingworth, W. H.. Co. G, 1st Va. infantry. 
Cardozo, E. S., 3d Howitzers. 
Chesterman, W. D., Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 
Cubsons, Jno., Capt. Staff E. M. Laws' Brigade. 
Cary t Jno. R., Co. A, 34th Va. infantry. 
Cayce, Milton, Co. B, 12th Va. infantry. 
Catlin, E. A., Co. G, 4th Va cavalry. 
Childress, R. L., Co. B, 4th Va. cavalry. 
Caldwell, W. W., Co. C, 12th Va. infantry. 
Cooke, Jno. M. P , Co. G, 4th Va. cavalry. 
Clarke, Maxwell T., Lt. Comd. C. S. N. 
Carter, R. C, Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 
Christian, Jno. D., Pamunky heavy artillery. 
Clarke, Chas H,, Major 15th Va.' infantry. 
Coknick, Geo. C, Co. I, 1st Va. infantry. 
Gofer. N. P., Co. A, 19th Va. Batt. heavy artillery. 
Clarke, Garland H., Co. G, 4th Va cavalry. 
Coke, Jno. A., Capt. P. A. C S. A. 

Dean, Geo. T., Co. B, 24th Va. cavalry. 

Drewery, Clay, Co. B, 41st Va. infantry. 
| Djmmock, M. J., Capt. 10th Va. cavalry. 
i "sane, Wm. Harper, Co. B, 1st Va. infantry. 
^Davis, Creed T\, 2nd Co. Howitzers. 

Dickerson, Jos. C, Co. G, 1st Va. infantry. 

Delarue, Gus. E., Co. K, 2d Va. reserves. 

DeSaussure, Wm. P., South Carolina cadets. 

Davis, D. O., 1st Co. Howitzers. 

Davis, T. J., 5th Va. cavalry. 
^ Doyle, P. G., Fayette artillery. 

Davenport, G. A., Lt. V. M. I. cadets. 
<( Deas, Wm. A., Lt. Carter's Batt. Artillery. 


Duesberry. R. H., Co. A. 46th Va. infantry. 
Deane. F, H., Co. I, 4th Va. cavalry. 
Drewry, Albert S., Parcel 1 Battery. 
DeTreyille, Jno. L., S. C. artillery, Stuart's Battery. 
Dempsey. A. K , C. S navy (Nansemond). 
Dunnington, P. H., 1st Va. Regt. reserves. 
Dowdy, Samuel T., Co. K, 14th Va. infantry. 

Epps, Geo. W., Co. A t 46th Va. infantry. 

Evans, W. M., Parker's Bat. artillery. 

Euker, Chas., 1st Va. Batt. cavalry, 

Eikel, A., 16th Miss infantry. 

Ellyson, J. Taylor, 2d Co. Howitzers. 

Ellett, Jno. S., Howitzers. 

Evans Arthur G., Sergt. Co. B, 18th Va. battalion 

heavy artillery. 
Ellett, Thos., Capt. Crenshaw Bat. artillery. 
Edmonds, J. H., Co. I, 6th Va. infantry. 
Elliott, P. B.. Co. A, 32d Va. infantry. 
Ellyson, H. Theodore. Co. G, McEnnery Battalion. 
Edwards, L. S., Co. E, 12th Va. infantry. 
East, H. T., Co. A, 19th Va. Batt. heavy artillery. 
Evans, Maurice, Co. A, 4th Va. cavalry. 
Eppes. Peter, Co. F, 13th Va. cavalry. 

\ f 

Ferriter, Jas. T , Letcher Battery artillery. 
FourQUREAn, J. M., 3d Howitzers. 
Fleming, Ro. L, Lt. Fayette artillery. 
Flournoy, Rich. W., Otey Battery. 
FerneyhOUGH, E. S,, Crenshaw Battery. 
Faudree, A. S., Co. A, 21st Va. infantry. 
Flournoy Jas. F., Co. B, 4th Va. cavalry. 
Flournoy, C. H,, Parker's Battery. 
Ford, M. W., Co, K., 6th Va. infantry. 
Freeman. W. B,, 34th Va. infantry. 
Finney, W. W., Lt.-Col. 50th Va. infantry. 

FlCG L W. 

Flournoy.O. R., Kolbe's artillery. 
Farinholt, B. L., Col. 53d Va infantry. 




rancis, 0. A., 4th Va. Cavalry. 
,^ry, Francis T., Surgeon 16th N. C. infantry. 
French, F. A., Co. G, 1st. Va. cavalry. 

Gray, Jas. T., 1st Co. Howitzers* 
Gray, Edward, 1st Co. Howitzers. 
Goddard, Isaac, Co. A, 1st Va. infantry. 
Gibson, Wm,, Co. A, 1st Va. infantry. 
Gordon, Jas. R.. 9th Va. cavalry. 
Garber, A. W., Capt. Staunton artillery. 
Gill, A. N., Co. D, 3d Va. cavalry, 
Gordon, Jno. W. t Co. C. 2d N. C. cavalrv, 
Grady, W. C. f Co. F, 3d Va. infantry. 
Grant, Alex., Otey Bat Levy. 
Gordon, John N., Otey Battery. 
Gibson, P., 5th Va. cavalry. 
Gilman, Jno. W., Co. A, Armory Battalion. 
Gregory, J. C, Surgeon Rosser's Cav. Div. 
Goodman, Hugh P., Co. G, 3d Va. cavalry. 
Gill, L. N., Co. C t 9th Va. infantry. 
Gibbons, Jas. W., Co. G, 3d Va. Reserves. 

Harrison, R. H. M., Co. G 3d Va. Batt. infantry. 

Harvey, Luke, Co. A, 11th Va. infantry. 

Hawes, S. Horace, Lt. Howitzers. 

Hawes, G. Percy. Carter's Batt. artillery. 

Hannon, L. W., 2d Maryland artillery. 

Hill, J. Booton, Co. A, 7th Va. infantry. 
| 'Tenter, Taliaferro, Co. D, 6th Va. cavalry. 
Unnon, James, Governor's Mounted Guard. 
\ Hunter, John, Jr., Carrington's Battery artillery. 
* Hall, W. R., Co. F, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Hardy L. C, Co. G, Lunenburg cavalry. 

Howard, B. F., Capt. Co. I, 1st Va. infantry. 

Hartman, H. G. C, Co. A, 19th Va. infantry. 

C Hughes, Jno. T., Co. C, 24th Va. cavalry. 
Ienley, Leonard, Surgeon 32d Va. infantry. 
■ Hankins, J. F., Co. G.. 12th Va. infantry. 
% Harlow, D. A., Courtney artillery. 


Hundley, F. A., ild Va. cavalry. 
Hundley, Geo. J., Lt. 5th Va. cavalry. 
Hill, Jno. A., Co. G., 12th Va. infantry. 
Hawthorne, J. B., 24th Alabama infantry. 

ones, Wm. Ellis, Crenshaw Battery. 

ennings.A., Co. D., 15th Va. infantry. 

arvis, Geo. Wm., Capt. Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 

ones Tno. Wm., Chaplain 13th Va. infantry. 
jOBSON, J. Tyler, Co. G, 9th Va. infantry. 
Tones, Henry C, Quartermaster Dept. L. fc>. A. 

ones, Alfred 0., 3d Co. Howitzers. 

■ ones, W. R., Co. C, 13th Va. infantry. 
Jennings. W. L., Co. A, 5th Va. cavalry. 
Jennings, D. R„ Co. H, 19th Va. infantry. 
Jeter , Jas. A., Courtney's Battery. 

Krouse, Andrew, Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 
Kelly, Wm. H-, Hampden artillery, 
Kracke, J. Henry, Co. B t 24th Va cavalry 
Keiley, Anthony M., Lt. Co E, 12th Va. infantry. 
Kelley, Edw. W., Co. K, 56th Va. infantry. 
Kent, Geo. W., Co. I, 15th Va. infantry. 
King, Geo. W., Barley's Quartermaster Dept. 
Klein, Geo , Co. K, 15th Va. infantry. 

Loving, Edw'd B., Co, 1. 1st Va. infantry. 

Lufsey, H, F., 12th Va. infantry. 

Leidy, M. S., Co. G., 1st Va. infantry. 

Lacy, L. L., C. S. Navy. 

Leake, Wm. Josiafi, Talley Battery. 

Lockwood, J. W., G. L. Bidgood Co. infantry. 

Libby, Geo. W., Otey Battery. 

Lee, W. Augustus, Midshipman L. S. N. 

Laughton, Jno. R.Jr.. Lt Co. D, 12th Va. infantry. 

Lynn, B. W.. Co. C, 1st Va. cavalry. 

Lamb, Jno., Capt. Co. D, 3d Va. cavalry. 

Lightfoot, W. B., Co. B, 9th Va. cavalry. 

Lynn, Robt. L., Co. C, 8th Va. infantry. 

Lacy, R. T., Co. F, 3d Va. cavalry. 




^Minor, E. C, Co. F. 3d Va. cavalry. 

9 Filler, Polk, 2d Co. Richmond Howitzei 

t AIcIntyre, J. D., 19th Va. infantry. 

Mountcastle, Geo. C. , Co. D, 5th Va. cavalry. 

Murphy, Jno., Letcher Battery. 

Miller, H. C. Governor's Mounted Guard. 

Munford, R. B., Richmond Grays, 12th Va. infantry. 

Meanley, Jno. A., Co G. 1st Va. infantry. 

McGraw, Jas., 2d Louisiana infantry. 

Mayo, P. H., Co. I, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Montague, J. J., Co. B. l^th Va. heavy artillery. 

McCarthy, D. S., Lt 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Martin, E. W., Lt. Co. H, 1st Va. infantry. 

Minor, Geo. A., Co. G, 3d Va. Batt infantry. 

McDowell. W. J., Netht-rlaxid Cavalry Co. 

McCabe, W. Gordon, Capt, Pegram's Batt. 

Mayer, Jno. F., Norfolk Juniors. 

Mason. L. R., Co. A, 17th Va. infantry. 

Mayo, Ro., Jr.. Capt. Co. G, 12th Va, infantry. 

Martin, Timothy, Co. I, 5th Va cavalry. 

Mountcastle, Wm. A.. Co. C, 5th Va. cavalry. 

Moore, Wm. E.. Harry Gilmore's Cavalry. 

Mercer, Corbin M., Mosby's Rangers. 

McCrf iry, J. V. L., 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

McKenna,Jno. T., Richmond Howitzers. 

McIntosh, J. R.. Adjutant 24th Miss. 

McCarthy, Carlton. 2d Co. Howitzers. 

McGuire, Hunter, Sur. Jackson's Corp A. N. V., 

Medlicott, Jas. R., Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 

I.ewton, Virginius. Midshipman C S. N, 
- New, Geo. W., Co. I, 44th Va. infantry. 
Nelson, Jas. 0., C. S. Engineers. 
Nelson, Jas., 23d Va. infantry. 
Nott, A. H., Mosby's Rangers. 

# ^verby, A. A., Wheat's Battalion. 
**0lphin, Geo. R., Henrico Troop, 3d Va. cavalry. 
Orr, Wm. J., Co. B, 6th S. C. infantry. 

O'Bannon, J . H., Co. I t 2d Va. infantry. g- 

Owens, W. F. f 13th Ya, light artillery. * 

Owens, Jno. E., Co. I, 30th Va. infantry. V 

Pegram, Jas. W. } C. S. Navy. 

Pizzini, Andrew, Jr., V. M. I. Cadets. 

Phillips, A. L., Co. D, 15th Va. infantry. 

Pyle, D. H , 6th Alabama infantry. 

Page, Chas. H.. Co. G, 11th Va. infantry. 

Peyton, Thos, G., 15th Va. infantry. 

Purcell, Jno. B., Co. G, 3d Va. Batt. infantry, 

Phillips, Jas. E., Capt. Co. G, 12th Va. infantry. 

Plumbs, H. L. t 21st Alabama infantry. 

Puller, Wm. G., Co. G. 2d Va. infantry. 

Perkinson, E. E., Co. A, 10th Va. Batt. heavy artillery. 

Pollard, Thos. P., Oapt. Co. B, 12th Va. regiment. 

Preston, Saml. T., Stuart Horse Guard. 

Peterkin,Geo. Wm.,A. A. Gen'I, Gen'l Pendleton's Staff. 

Pulliam, Saml. H., Lt. Martin's Bat. 

Palmer, Wm. H., Col. 1st Va. infantry. 

Powell, Taylor EL, 1st Va. Reserves. 

Pktty ^" C» * 

Parham, B. M., Lt. Co. I, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Peay, A. C. Davis Va. Batt. cavalry. 

Profpitt, W. H,, Co. H, 46th Va. infantry. 

Palmer, W. Ben., Lt. Co. E, Mosby's Rangers. 

Price, W. S. 

Pleasants, Jno. R., Co. B. 64th Va. infantry. 

Pollard. Henry R., Co. E. 24th Va, cavalry. . 

Puller, J. E., Co. H, 15th Va. infantry. < 

Rutherford, Thos. M , Courier Gen. Jno. B. Gordon. 
Randolph, N. V., Co. E, Mosby's Battalion. 
Richardson, D. C, Parker's Battery. 
Roy all, Wm. L., Co. A, 9th Va. cavalry. 
Rider, M. T., Crenshaw Battery. 

Riley, Frank J., Lt. Co. G, 13th Va. infantry. f 

Roper, T. J., Co. E, 10th Va. heavy artillery. 
Redford, G. E., Co. H, 1st Va. infantry. I 


Robins, A. H. r Co. G, 12th Va. infantry. 
""edford, C. E., 3d Va. battalion infantry. 
•£ahm, Frank H., Lt.*!Mosby's Rangers. 
Redwood. Jno. H., 3d Va. reserves. 
Royall. Augustine, V. M< I. cadets. 
Roberts, R. R.. 3rd Co. Richmond Howitzers. 
Read, Chas , V. M. L cadets. 
Ross, Geo., Surgeon V. M. I cadets. 
Richardson, Thos. E., Co. K, 12th Va. infantry. 
Ryland, Josiah, Jr., Co. H, 9th Va. cavalry. 

Spitzer, A. A., Staunton artillery. 

Smith, Wm. P., 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Spence, Chas. A., Otey Battery. 

Stratton, J, Taylor, Co; A, 20th Va. Batt. heavy 

Stover, R. B., 9th Texas infantry, 

Savage, Geo. A., Co. A, 19th Va. infantry. 

Spence, E. Leslie, Richmond Grays, 12th Va. infantrv. 

Smith, Geo. A., 3rd Co. Howitzers 

Simons, Wm. E., 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Sutton, Phillip T., Gen. Rhodes' Staff. 

Stern, Jos. Lane, Military Tel. Operator. 

Sutton, Frank T.. Shoemaker's Bat., S. H. A. 

Smith, W. C, Co. H, 15th Va infantry. 

Sutton, C. H.. Shoemaker's Battery, S. H. A. 

Stringfellow. Chas. E. t Major 12th Va. infantry. 

Spence, Jas., Courtney's Battery. 

Sully, Edward, PelhanTs Battery, S. H. A. 

Iyjdnor, J. L., Co. G. 4th Va cavalry. 
ullivan, J. }., Co. A, 9th Ala. infantry. 

Snyder, W. F. Co. E, 13th Va. infantry. 

Sydnor, W. T., Co. G, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Sydnor, Thos. W m Co. G, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Smith, G., Co. G, 9th Va. cavalry. 

Storrs, Gervas, Co. I, 4th Va. cavalry. 
^mith, Jas. Power, Capt. on. Gen. Jackson's Staff. 
■jHEPHERD, Jos. H., Co. D. 1st Va. cavalry. 
■£ Smith, Hugh D , Crenshaw Battery. 



Scott, Chas. C, Capt. Co. B, 23d Ya. infantry. 
Sutherland, A. B., Co. F, 3d Va. reserves. ( 

Snodgrass, Chas. E., Major and Q. M. Ewetl's Corps. \ 
Stratton, Wm. H., Otey Battery artillery. 
Saryby, R. H , Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 
Shannon, Jno. E., Co. D, 1st Va. reserves. 
Southall. J. V., 1st Va- cavalry. 
Snow, C. R, Co. A, 40th Va. infantry. 
Shelrurne, Silas, Co. F, 4th Va. infantry. 

Taylor, Geo. Watt, Otey Battery. 

Thomas, R. N., Capt. Co. F. 56th Va. infantry. 

Thomas, Jos. W., Co. B, 9th Va. cavalry. 

Tompkins, E. G., Co. F, 21st Va. infantry. 

Tennant, Chas. B„ Dearing's Cavalry Batt. 

Tally, Jno. L., Co. G, 4th Cavalry. 

Taylor, J. D., Co H, 26th Va. infantry. 

Tuck, Edw. J. t King William artillery. 

Turner, Chas. T., Co. A. 19th Batt. Va. heavy artillery. 

Tatum, Wm. H , 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Totty, R. Terry, Purcell Battery. 

Tufts, Chas. E.. Goochland Artillery. 

Tatum, Jno. C, 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Tinsley, Peter, Lt. 19th Va. reserves. 

Thornton, C P.* Co. D, 25th Va. battalion infantry. 

Taylor, Chas. F., Co. G, 3d Va. reserves. 

Tiller, J. H.. Co. C. 15th Va. infantry. 

Tuck, W. ()., Co. I, 5th Va. cavalry. 

Trexler, Jno., Co. I, 5th Va. cavalry. g 

Tinsley, Jas. G. ( 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Thomas, Jos. P., Co. E, 15th Va. infantry. % 

Trahern, W. E. j 

Van Buren, B. B., 21st Va. infantry. 
Vaughan, A. Jeff., Co. G 1st Va. infantry. 
Van Horn, J. Shelly, Co. A, 10th Va. cavalry. 
Vaughan, J as. T., Lt. Co. H. 1st Va. infantry. 
Vaughan, Ro., Co. B, 24th Va. cavalry. 

jf Villiams, Chas. U., A. A. Gen. on Gen. Corse's Staff. 
r Walker, David N., Major 13th Va. artillery, Otey Bat. 

Watt, Geo. Jr., Salem artillery. 

Wise, Geo. D., Capt. and Insp. General, Major-General 
Stevenson's Staff. 

Wray, Andrew J., Co E, 15th Va, infantry. 

White J. W., Armstead's Battery, Stark's Battalion 

Waddey," Everett, Courier Eng'r Dept. 

Wingo, Chas. E., 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Walthall, H. M., Co. D, 1st Va. infantry. 

Woodward, W. M., Co. I. 2d Kentucky cavalry. 

Wingfield, J. F., Local forces. 

"West, Montgomery, Otey Battery. 

Whitlock, Philip, Co, G, 12th Va. infantry. 

Wise, Jno. S., Lieut. P. A, C. S. A. 

Werth, Jas. R., Co. I, 4th Va. cavalry. 

White, Isaiah H., Assistant Surgeon P. A. C. S. 

Weymouth, Edgar J., Co. B, 5th Va. battalion. 

Warren, Jno. M., Missouri State Guard. 

Winston, C. P., V. M. I. cadets. 

Wilson. Geo. M., Co. G, 1st Va. cavalry. 

Winfree, Geo., Co. D, 14-th Va. infantry. 

Wright, Luther, Co. G, 47th Va. infantry. 

Wilson, Calvin, Rockbridge Battery. 

Witcher, Vincent A., Col. 34th Va. battalion cavalry. 

Wood, J. Fletcher, Co. E, 2d Va. cavalry. 

White, W. T., 2d Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Wright, W. T., Co. G, 2d Va. cavalry. 

•V/iarton, Lyman B., Chaplain 49th Va. infantry. 

./illis, G. A., Co. G. 4th Va. infantry. 

Yancey, Jno. P., 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. * 

Zimmerman, W. H., 19th Va. infantry. 


....THE DEAD.... 


R. E. Lee Camp, No. 1 

Confederate Veterans. 

Allisia, Julius, Co. K, 1st Regt. Va. infantry. 
Anderson, Jos. R., Brigadier-General C. S. A. 
Adams, Wm. C, G. W. C. Lee's command. 
Adams, Henry C, Marine Corps. 

Barker, David, Co. D, 24th Va. cavalry. 

Barker, "Wm. J., Co. A, 15th Va. infantry. 

Bass, Lucien L., Lt. Co. G, 25th Va. battalion infantry. 

Bodeker, Henry, Co. A, 46th Va. inlantry, 

Bohannon. C. A., Co. E, 24th Va cavalry. 

Blankenship, Robt. E., Capt. Ordinance Dept. 
g ^lenner, August, 15th Va. infantry. 

Pauley, R. B. 
\ ^lount, Ira W., Co. F, 21st Va. infantry. 
{ Bossieux, Louis J., Major 25th Va. battalion infantry. 

Brotherton, David, Co. H, 1st Va. infantry. 

Black, B. J., Petersburg artillery. 

Blankenship, Thos., Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 

Babcock. A. G., Mosby's Rangers. 
/ Soothe, W. C, Co. G, 12th Va. infantry. 

Batkins, Geo. W., Pamunkey artillery. 
( Barksdale, Claiborne, Co. G, 3d Va. Batt. reserves. 


Boulware, A. L.. Co. H, 9th Va. cavalry, 

Beyry. Andrew J., Co. A. 46th Va. infantry. 

Booker, R. M., 1st Georgia infantry. 

Brander, Thos. A., Major Poague's Battalion artillery 

Cohen, Edward, 3d Ya. battalion. 

Carrington, Wm. C. Lt. Co. I, 5th Va. cavalry. 

Campbell, Thos. J , Purcell Battery. 

Cooke, Jno. R., Brigadier-General C. S. A. 

Cheyallie, Jno. A., 10th Va. battalion heavy artillery. 

Cabell, H. Coalter, Colonel Artillery A. N. V. 

Crutchfield, E. H. 

Crowdis, Miles C. 

Cline, E. J., Co. B* 4th Va, cavalry. 

Clash, C. R., Co. H, 1st Va. infantry. 

Crouch, A. L., Co. K. 13th Miss, infantry. 

Cary, Jno. B„ Lt.-Col. Va. Vol. infantry. 

Craig, Jas. W., Co. I, 6th Va. infantry. 

Coleman, Samuel P., Co. G, 3d Va. infantry. 

Chandler, Robt. B., Fayette artillery. 

Christian, E. D., V. M. I. cadets. 

Carneal, L. J., 9th Va cavalry. 

Chamblin, H. Clay, Mosby's Rangers. 

Coke, B. D., 19th Va. battalion heavy artillery. 

Dabney, Wm. I., Capt. Co. E, 20th Va. battalion heavy 

Doswell. Thos. W. t Major P. A. C. S. A. 
Dean. Wm. H., Co. H, 15th Va. infantry. 
Derbyshire, Peter W. 
Davis, Bailey, Lt. Morris* Artillery. 

Evans, Thos. J., Col. 19th Va. Regt. Va. reserves. 
Ellerson, J. H., Master C. S. navy. 
Epps, Chas, H. t Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 

Francis, David E. t Courtney's Battery. 
Fry, Birkett D., Brig -Gen. A. N. Va. 
Fitchett, S. P., Woolfolk's Battery. 

'rank, B. T., Courtney's Battery, 
'ERGusson, H. C, Co. G, 1st Va." infantry. 

FlGG, Royal W., Parker's Battery. 

Fisher, Jno. W., Capt. 25th Va. Battalion. 

Fowlkes, Geo. W., Parker's Battery. 

Ford, W. T„ Co. A, 24th Va. cavalry. 

Farrar, F. R,, Lt. 44th Va. infantry. 

Fitzgerrald, Henry, Co. I, 6th Va. infantry. 

Graham, Edward, Capt. Petersburg artillery. 

Gresham, Jno H., 34th Va. infantry. 

Gunn, Thos. H., Co. G, 1st Va. infantry. 

Goodman, H. G,, Co. C. 13th Va. infantry. 

Grant, Geo. W., Otev Battery. 

Garnett, Jennifer, 9th Va. cavalry. 

Gentry, Isaac A., Mosby's Rangers. 

Griffith, Jno. E. f Sergt. Co. E t 20th Va. Batt. heavy 

Gulec, David P., Co. D t 8th Va. infantry. 
Ginter, Lewis, Major A. P. Hill's Corps' (Staff). 
Goode, Jno. R., Co. E 4th Va. infantry. 
Gale wood, L. T,, 15th Va. infantry. 

Herbst, Chas., Co. B, 1st Kentucky infantry. 

Hancock, Wm. 

Holzinger, E., Co. I, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Hopkins, Chas. M. 

TOlIX, Frank D., 2d Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Uncock, Wm. H. 

Garwood, Chas. W., 3d Co. Richmond Howitzers. 
Hierholzer, Alex., Co. B, Brown's Cavalry Batt. 
Hoge, Moses D., Honorary Member, 

Ingram, Jno. A., 1st N. C. cavalry. 

1 .ones, Thos. W., Co. I, 6th Va. infantry. 


Jenkins, W. A. 

g Tohnston, , Jos. E., General C. S. A. 


Jones, James Leigh, Paymaster P. A. C, S. A. 
Jones, Jno. W.Jeffrey's Battery. 

Kean, Otho G., Rockbridge artillery. 
Kazomaliski, Jacob, Marion (Florida) artillery. 
Kell, Jacob, Co. K, 23d Va. infantry. . 

Lamberth, J. Hm 10th "Va. cavalry. 
Lug not, August, 24th Va. cavalry. 
Lane, Jno. E„ Co. H, 15th Va. infantry. 
Liggan, J. Frank, 3d Co. Richmond Howitzers. 
Liggon, Samuel H., 3d Co. Richmond Howitzers. 
Lawrence, A. M., 24th Va. cavalry. 
Lawton, Wm. P., Department Forces. 
Lovenstein, Wm., Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 
Levy, Leopold, Co. G, 1st Va. cavalry. 

McDowell, Robt. J. } Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 
Moore, Samuel P., Surge on -General C. S. A. 
Mullen, Geo. C, Co. B, 3d Va. cavalry. 
McCarty. J as. B., Asst. Surgeon P. A. C S. A. 
Montgomery, L). E., Co, I, 6th Va. infantry. 

Moore, J. W. 

Minor, A. T., Co. 1, 1st Va. infantry. 

Meyer, Felix, Co. K, 1st Va. infantry. 

Mitchell, Samuel T., V. M. I. cadets. 

McNulty, Fred. J., C S. Navy ("Shenandoah.") 

Micou, A. R., Co. F. 55th Va. infantry. 

Molloy, Jno. K., Co. A, 7th La. infantry. 

Moore. Thos. J., 1st N. C. infantry. 

Moseley, Thos. F., Fayette artillery. 

McKinney, Jos. B., Otey Battery. 

Morris, M. F., Co.A.*l*«th Va. battalion heavy artillery. 

Moncure, Tas. D., Co. B, 9th Va. cavalry. 

Marable, E. W m Co. K, 53d Va. infantry. * 

Morgenstein, Otto, Richmond Grays. » 

Maury, Dabney H., Major-General C. S. A. g 

Mitteldorfer, Marx, Co. G, 1st Va. cavalry. w 

\ / 

sters, Martin, 1st Va. infantry. 



Pilcher, Wm. S., Otey Battery. 
Poindexter, Geo. H., Richmond Howitzers. 
Pickett, R. B., Sergt. Co. G, 12th Va. infantry, 
Pollard, [as,, Co. H, 9th Va. cavalry. 
Pegram, Richard G., Capt. Petersburg artillery. 
Pleasants. James, Capt. Hampden artillery. 
Phillips, Miles T., Co. A, 1st Va. infantry. 

Richardson, Wm. P., 1st Texas infantry. 

Reintz, Jno. H,, Co, B, 30th Va. infantry. 

Ritter, R. J., Aiken's Battery artillery. 

Riddick, Jas. E., Capt Co. K t 1st Va. reserves. 

Rice, Chas. Davis, Palmetto Guard S. C. troops and 

Surgeon C. S. A. 
Ralston, Robt., Co. A, 46th Va. infantry. 
Rady, Chas. P., 15th Va. infantry. 
RedfordJ). Smith, Purcell Battery, Pegram's Battalion. 
Reid, James T., Co. B t 12th Va. infantry. 
Riddick, Thos. S., Co. H, 1st Va. infantry. 

Sublett, Wm. A., Co. E, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Stacy, Geo. P., Co, H, 9th Va. cavalrv. 

Smith, Edward B., Lt. Artillery P. A. C. S. A. 

Sauders, Henry. 

Smythers, Geo. W. 

Simmons, W. C. 
m NHAi), Jos. C, Co. I, 6th Va. infantry. 
1 -ield, Alfred, Courtney's Battery. 
V^mith, Robt. J., Co. I, 1st Va. infantry. 
'Samuel, Phillips, 30th Va. infantry. 

Sublett, Peter A., 3d Co. Richmond Howitzers. 

Stern, Lewis H., 30th Va, infantry. 

Simmons, A. J. t Co. I, nth Va. infantry. 

fMiTH, Thos. J., Thomas Attillery. 
aunders, Thos. M., Richmond Howitzers. 
C^Scott, Fred. R., Major C. S. A. 
..eigel, Chas. L., 1st S. C. infantry. 

_ — 


Tower, Isaac S., Co. B, 1st Va. infantry. M 

Talman, Wm. H. \ 

Turner, Wm. J.. Lt. 53d Va. infantry* 

Thompson, G. G., Purcell Battery. 

Thomas, Chas. S., Fluvanna artillery. 

Turner, Wm. E., 18th Va. infantry. 

Tanner, Wm. B., Lt. Letcher's Battery. 

Tribbett, W. W., Rockbridge Rangers. 

Terry, W. R., Brig.-Gen. C. S. A. 

Tyler, W. N., 10th Va. battalion heavy artillery. 

Taliaferro, Wm. B., 17th Va. infantry. 

Taylor, Chas. A., Co. G, 4th Va. cavalry. 

Taylor, E. B. t Powhatan artillery. 

Uren. Joseph, Purcell Battery, 
Veilander, J. W., Parker's Battery. 

Wflson, N. W., Co. I, 4th Va. cavalry. 
Warren, Geo. W., Missouri State Guard. 
Woodson, A. R., Co. A, 1st Va. regiment. 
Wyatt, J. B. 

Wickham, Wms. C, Brig.-Gen. cavalry. 
Williams, J. T., Parker's Battery. 
Watkins, R. H., Co. H, 46th Va. infantry. 
Wyatt, Jno. H. 

Waddell, A. C, Co. D, 3d Va. cavalry. 
Weisiger, Wm. H., Lt. Sturdvanfs Battery. 
Wilkes, Jno. W.. 19th Va. infantry reserves. f 

Watkins, A. Salue, Co. F, 21st Va. infantry. J( 

Watkins, A. Jubson, Co. F, 21st Va. infantry. 
Wise, Peyton, Lt.-Col. 46th Va, infantry. 
Ware, Jno. H m Sr., Capt. Co. B. 9th Va. cavalry. 
Weisiger, David A., Brig.-Gen. Mahone's Div. A. N. V. 
Whitehead, Jno. D., Major 3d Va. infantry* 
Wood, Chas, E., 5th Va. infantry. g 

Wortham, R. C, 1st Co. Richmond Howitzers. \ 

Walsh, Andrew, Co. C, 19th Va. battalion heav|. 
artillery. *